Here you can find a lot of projects and studies I have done during my academic years.

  • Problematiche di timestamping ed applicazioni ad un sistema per l’archiviazione di Technical Report” [Jan-Jul 2006] – II level graduation thesis
    Timestamping problems and its applications to a Technical Report archive system
    A deep study about the timestamping research area and an implementation of a system that archives and timestamps the technical reports at the Departement of Mathematics and Computer Science at University of Catania.
  • Gnutella 0.4 protocol simulation [Jun-Jul 2006]
    A Gnutella 0.4 peer to peer protocol subset implementation using NS-2 network simulator. “Reti II” course project.
  • Randomized linear time algorithm for the minimum spanning forest [pdf] [Mar 2006]
    We study and experiment some randomized linear time algorithms for the minimum spanning forest. We analyze the main algorithm features, Boruvka step and recursive calls, to see their impact on various graphs families.
  • quality evaluation [Feb 2006]
    Web portal quality and usability evaluation, “Usabilità ed estetica del web” course project.
  • Min Hashing algorithm [pdf] [Oct 2005]
    Min Hashing algorithm C++ implementation. It computes items sets similarity on Berkeley DB data. I proposed and applied an optimization in the input handling to improve algorithm’s space and time complexity.
  • FEP experiments [pdf] [Jul 2005]
    Fast Evolutionary Programming algorithm implementation for a numeric optimization problem. “Temi avanzati di Intelligenza Artificiale” course project.
  • Seminar about EVCK and extended visual cryptography schemes [pdf][Apr 2005]
  • Extended Visual Cryptography Kit (EVCK) [Apr 2005]
    A tool for a (2,2) threshold extended visual cryptography scheme.
  • Satellite images Pattern Recognition [Jan 2005]
    Pattern Recognition course project for pattern recognition on LANDSAT satellite images using Kohonen Maps and Hard C-Mean algorithm.
  • “Tool per la visualizzazione di algoritmi di cammino minimo su grafi a griglia” [Apr-Sep 2004] – I level graduate tesis
    A tool for shortest path algorithms visualization on grid graphs
    It was my work for the I level graduation thesis.
  • Harvest configuration and installation  [Apr-Jun 2004]
    Stage. Follow the link for details.